It doesn’t happen very often but one day in fall 2002 I couldn’t catch sleep. I stayed up all night and drew the outlines of a new concept: manuals for the sustainable experience. When I finally went to bed I new I had found a direction that would keep me active for the next couple of years.

These manuals explain consumers step by step and non-explicit how to get a sustainable experience. Each manual is made out of twenty-four or less images. The use of images ensures a wide reach to as many people as possible.

The first manual we developed explains how to build a machine out of bricks and a metal mesh. This construction gives people in poor countries the possibility to compost both wet and dry materials. The compost that comes out of it doesn’t contain any burned plastics and can therefore be used or sold.

The second manual shows you how to send a wish into the sky with a balloon. These Khom Loi Thai balloons from Thailand are made of rice paper and bamboo. This experience is ideal for rituals like a wedding ceremony or a festivity that celebrates the beginning of spring.

The third manual starts with a couple of ingredients you’ll need to build your own barbecue. Main part is an old washing machine drum. When connected to a thick treebranch it gives a poetic experience. Especially when you make use of wood refuse.

The fourth manual has been made to give you a special erotic experience. It tells you how to cut exciting images from magazines and books. Add them to your Erotic Story Box and combine four images of your private collection in a collage.

The fifth manual has been developed for a special event that takes place on a beach. It’s name: Human Light Circles. The first time this special experience was created for people was on the coast of the Netherlands. Since then, these light circles have been made in countries like Sri Lanka, Estonia, South Korea and Italy. The latest version of the manual

The manuals are divided in two seperate groups: copyleft and copyright. In the last case it is not allowed to commercially exploit my idea without permission. This is different with the copyleft manuals. They are free to be used by everyone. All I ask is to share your experiences with me. So send me your pictures and stories of compost machines and barbecue evenings.

All manuals were developed in cooperation with graphic designer Desire Erades.

The first and fourth manual have both been licensed under a Creative Commons License