In the train from Rome to Livorno I finally got the right name for a new photographic concept. My girlfriend at that time was sitting beside me and we where heading for Corsica. High in the mountains I would shoot several pictures of what I believed were interesting aspects of the Corsican culture. These and other pictures were later grouped together by theme and that’s how Typical Planet took shape.

Typical Planet is a growing collection of pictures showing culture by detail. It is not about the world as presented by the business of mass tourism. Typical pictures are not about stereotypes like Cuban people drinking rum or Dutch girls dancing on wooden shoes. Instead, Typical is about interesting aspects of a culture that most of us don’t know of and would like to learn more about.

Imagine a Spanish tourist travelling to China. He can hardly speak a word of Chinese but with the help of Typical China he can communicate with the locals. The first part of his booklet consists of eighty different Chinese themes. With the second part he can show typical aspects of his own culture. Contrary to the average experience in mass tourism, this traveller and the local are now building up a relationship of give and take.

Apart from the world of details there are other subjects I find interesting to photograph. Like landscapes, human behaviour and animals.

You can take a look at these photographs and the Typical Planet project via this link.